What is RippedTags, How to use it to save more money?


This website is for all budget friendly people out there. RippedTags is an affiliate store that brings you some amazing discounts and deals from your favorite online store. Here, you can find some amazing products with some mind blowing price tags handpicked from your favorite stores such as Amazon. You can buy them if you like or browse for more until you find your perfect product. However, before going through the catalog you have to know a few things. They are simple and would take less than a minute to go through them. In conclusion, they will help you to shop more effectively and also help you to understand more about this website.

How to use it to save more money?

The usage of this website is simple. All you have to do is follow some simple ground rules. Browse, See Info, Buy.

Step -1: You can browse through the handpicked discounted products from various online stores by going to the shop page of our website.



Step -2: Once you find the product that you like, be sure to “Check the date the price was updated” and the “Additional Info” in the bottom to see if that product matched your Size, Age, Gender and more.


Step -3: If you got your match, proceed to checkout. The check out page will eventually redirect you to the online store that has the discount. For instance, Amazon.com, Myntra etc. Now, all you have to do is pay for it and you will get it according to their shipment policies.


What we do & How we pay the bills?

All we do is gather the best deals possible from various online stores. Import them into our catalog. Promote them through this website and get money when you buy them through Affiliated Marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting a company’s products. I find a product that’s good enough, promote it, and when people buy that product I earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. This is a simple thing and nothing’s a secret here. You can find more details about the Affiliated Marketing here. Affiliated marketing is the main source of income we get.

The only motivation behind all this is to help you to save money and get something out of it. Getting a great deal or a discount will help us in a lot of ways. Our team strive hard to find these deals.

  • We browse and explore every shopping portals through out the day.
  • Mining through large amount of data.
  • Gather deals through suggestions made by our visitors. If they found any.
  • Rigorously following almost every shopping sale days.

These are some of the ways that we follow to get you those amazing deals. If you love our website, suggest it your friends. Happy shopping and before you go just read one last thing below.

We don’t possess control over the deals.

The changes in the discounts and decisions were taken by the website itself. We are just affiliates. We don’t possess control over them. The discount might get change from time to time. We strive hard to update them as soon possible. We also encourage our users to recommend the updates about the deals if they found any by using the comment section provided in our website.

Please go through Disclaimer, Terms and Privacy Pages to know more.

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